Saturday, February 21, 2009

this was really profound to me

I've only been lightweight reading and doing the exercises in a book I picked up several months ago. It's a book about dating, self-improvement, and finding the "one," but part of the work along the way is to DIG DEEP and face those parts of ourselves we rarely let see the light of day.

I thought this excerpt was so cold that I had to save and quote:

"Our woundedness is actually an opportunity for enlightenment - for truthfully, apart from a lifetime of victimization, there is really no other option. I always think of those of us who've been born into a deeply troubled situation to be like samarai warriors - the ones who are profoundly committed and dedicatde to evolving spiritually - because you almost can't not do that, with woundings as severe as the one you've just described. These difficult wounds call us to be the best that we can be, and often will serve as a catalyst for us to discover what it is that we have to offer others. In this way our wounding actually transforms into what we call our 'Sacred Wound' - because wherever you've suffered most is where you have the opportunity to contribute the greatest amount." - Katherine Woodward Thomas, "Calling in the One"

What is your Sacred Wound? I have a strong idea of what mine might be. It has everything to do with the psychology of emotional eating, weight, and body image that resonates within the Black female experience. Or at least this is what I figured as I dragged myself to the gym this morning.

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